Therapeutic Massage Therapy

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Therapeutic Massage

is a step above regular massage. Merge the healing of deep tissue, the cleansing of circulatory motion and the advanced training of myofascial release and trigger point therapy to create a powerful healing technique that works well with all kinds of injuries and conditions. Personalize, design your massage to focus on Deep Tissue, Swedish, Trigger Point, Pregnancy, Circulatory or any combination to tailor your massage specifically to your needs.


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Healing Massage

is a therapeutic practice that gently uses the hands to remove imbalances in the biofield in a heart centered, caring way. It has been proven effective to alleviate numerous ailments including pain, stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD and more. In quantatitative studies it is shown to increase spirituality and can even boost the immune system to further the healing process.


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Circulatory Massage

rejuvenates the body’s own circulatory system by pampering dull, achy, muscles, and helping restore lymphatic fluid to aid in removal of toxins.  It also promotes cleansing and vitality to organs and soft tissues to help nourish the bio system. Swelling from edema or injury is also relieved by moving the edema up and into the circulatory system to improve healing time and reduce stress on joints and muscles.



Trigger Point Therapy

addresses trigger points located all throughout the muscular system and are the body’s way of releasing natural toxin buildup in the muscles. Sometimes, these are also referred to as “knots”.  Trigger points become active due to injury, spasm, or overuse of tired and worn out muscles. When this happens, tiny pumps called sarcomeres in trigger points can’t filter these toxins into the lymphatic system to be removed. This can cause referral pain patterns to other areas of the body as well as the muscles they are located in.  Trigger point therapy is a precise way of locating and removing pain patterns as well as improving flexibility, mobility, and rejuvenating muscles for an overall healthier and happier and pain free lifestyle!



Myofascial Release

focuses on relaxing and improving the tone of the fascia to correct imbalances, improve athletic ability, eliminate pain and increase vitality for an overall improvement in well being. Fascia is the web like connective tissue that weaves throughout the entire body, including the body’s intramuscular system supporting muscle strength and movement. Studies show that cells called fibroblasts wth in the fascia change shape depending on the amount of stress that is placed upon them, which remodels the cell matrix, causing stiffness throughout the fascia system. Tight fascia can cause muscular imbalances, which can eventually lead to chronic pain and poor postural health.


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Prenatal Massage

is a safe and natural way to relieve aches and pains during your special time as a mother. By decreasing swelling and inflammation, it also helps to refresh and pamper the exhausted Mommy-to-be so she can focus on preparing for the arrival of her bundle of joy. Massage is a wonderful way to spoil Mom for all her hard work especially during the last trimester when baby is growing quickly. Give the gift of massage to yourself or to your Mommy-to-be today.