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Therapeutic Massage

is a step above regular massage. Merge the healing of deep tissue, the cleansing of circulatory motion and the advanced training of myofascial release with the advantages of trigger point therapy to create a powerful healing technique that works well with all kinds of injuries and conditions. Personalize and design your massage to focus on Deep Tissue, Swedish, Trigger Point, Pregnancy, Circulatory or any combination to tailor your massage specifically to your needs.


Healing Touch

is a therapeutic practice that gently uses the hands to remove imbalances in the biofield in a heart centered, caring way. It has been proven effective to alleviate numerous ailments including pain, stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD and more. In quantatitative studies it is shown to increase spirituality and can even boost the immune system to further the healing process.



is key to well-being. You are what you eat and nothing is more important to healing, recovery and maintenance then healthy organic eating. Supplements can help you achieve your goals from detoxification to weight loss to busy schedules that encompass meals low in fresh vegetables.